Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Where or where does time go?  I had hoped/thought/thunked that by now I'd be up and running. So, I ask myself, Is it me or the condition?  A suspect a little or a lot of both.

Eating is the same as it was prior to the insertion of the feeding tube:  Choking, gagging.

Dexerity is in the shitter, I shit you not.

Walking has improved...still shaky but nonetheless improved.

I have to be helped in and out of bed.

I must be "showered" by son-in'law Keith. 

Still have to have my butt wiped....!

Constant coughing, spitting up:  I'm a really joy to be around.

Okay, TMI time is over!!!!

You get the picture...Bob is improving but slowly.  I'll get there (wherever "there" is) sooner or most probably later....

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