Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Photos

Our girl has quite the eye, doesn't she?  Two more photo candidates for the student art show.  Hard to pick just one.

The rigor in fourth grade just escalated.  Four nights a week Grace is to read a chapter in two books, write a summary for one and prepare for a next day test on the other.  Then there's spelling words to study, math quized to correct, multiplication tables to learn and start planning to build a replica model of a California mission (every 4th grade kid does this).  Whew!

Yesterday we helped Grace with the first assignment of reading and summarizing.  She's a quick learner and in no time will complete these type of assignments easily. 

These photos were taken last week in the backyard. 

Okay, new meds:  Did they do anything.  I'm smiling cautiously.  Yesterday's average on meds was 101/59 which is pretty damn good.  The medication pamphlet explains that the drug relaxes arteries in easing the flow of blood.  This is funny.  Most of my life I've been anything but relaxed....tense, stressed, driven.  It's most logical that the arteries need relaxing.  Ya think?

Why the caution?  Still still to be determined is the cause of my high blood pressure or will I be like many middle age adults and remain medicated for the remainder of my "tour of duty."

At ease, Bob! 


La Roo said...

The pictures are gorgeous. She gets a lot of her talent from you. I particularly lke the blue flowers (Hydrangea?). That is a yummy pic. There is something so heavy and light at the same time with that.
Hmmmmm anyway.
Glad to know your BP is down. Let's just keep monitering it, please. You worry me.

weeder said...

101/59 is pretty damn good. Any negative side effects, like the little soldier not wanting to stand up and salute when called upon?

I have a son who is the same age as Gracie. He is moderately autistic, and sees the world slightly different than the rest of us do. He has his own digital camera, and I always smile when I take a look at the pictures he takes. They're good photos, but his choice of subject matters and the angles he chooses are very interesting. His photos give us an insight into his condition, and allows us to see the world through his eyes.

Interesting to see flowers in bloom in mid-January. Our temperature here is hovering just below 0 F, and teh forecast is calling for 8 inches of snow. This weekend's outing is either snowshoeing or ice fishing.

Bob said...

Thanks, Laroo. Actually, our girl gets most of her talent from her grandmother... and her long legs.

Weeder: Hopefully those levels can be sustained. Read Thursday's blog for the side effects. It's been a mild winter ... a record setting heat wave. When it should be cold and raining cats and dogs, it's sunny and 70. Winter has not really come to us.. . yet.

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