Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Much Is Enough?

If you've closely followed how the man in the Oval Office conducted himself while in office, you'll agree that a new president is badly needed. 

Broken campaign promises. 

Over-stepping his authority.

Smoke screen after smoke screen of secrecy (while promising transparency during the '08 campaign).

Over spending the Federal budget by billions (another campaign pledge promising spending less towards reducing the deficit).

One goal was to rid Washington of lobbyists.  Ha.  That's a good one.

When one of America's most classified drones (the latest with the greatest) crashed intact in Iran, he asked, pretty please, if they would be so kind to send it back. . .. when it was a no brainer to call in a drone strike to destroy it.  Now Iran has hardware to use again its enemies. 

Another goal was to work with both parties in the Senate and Congress towards engendering a spirit of cooperation.  Ha. 

Need I go on.  There's many more reasons why this man needs to be voted out of office in the name of public good.  If you plan on voting his way, you really should do your homework on the havoc he's created.

How much is enough?

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