Friday, September 23, 2011

Wild Blue Yonder

Yeah, it's been a while since I've sat and composed a piece for this place.  There's something about getting away. .. off into the wild blue yonder that breaks the cycle of civilized man.  During the week in the Cascade mountains we were without Internet or e-mail, and cell phone communication.  The RV park did not have cable TV nor was there any television reception via antenna.  Cut off from the world and loving it. . ..

Well, almost cutoff.  Don't ya know that Bob has to have his sports, news and entertainment?  Yup, he does.  The RV has a satellite dish. . .. so much for being isolated.  500 channels of unadulterated media bullshit.  Ahhhhhhhh, loved the vacation in the mountains.  Loved it.

Crater Lake was a bit overcast due to forest fires caused by lightning strikes.  1,900 feet at it deepest level, Crater Lake is number one for depth in America with second place to Lake Tahoe at 1,500.

Wifey wanted to pose for a photo and she did.

Then Wifey wanted me to pose, too.  Put one foot up, she said.  Put a hand on your knee.  She should have said, strike a pose that's unnatural, Bob!  You can see here that I'm so very happy to (a) strike a pose and (b) have a photo taken.  Two of my most unfavorite things.  Grrrrr.

So then Wifey had to get the freaking dogs into the posing act.  Let's put them on a rock, she said.  They'll love it.  I didn't like being posed and the dogs didn't either. 

If you've never visited Crater Lake do it.  Take the boat ride around the lake (we did several years ago).  Worth the trek from the rim to the boat dock (easy going down, not for the fragile coming back up).  Million dollar views.  Priceless. 

And there's a place nearby to buy trinkets and food, too!  Where else can you find a sandwich that goes for 3.99 anywhere in the USA but sells for 9.50 at Crater Lake? 

Don't ya just love capitalism?

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