Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Feel The Need. . . the need for SPAM!

SPAM has been around since Christ was a corporal.  Forever and a day. SPAM was served as a side dish at the Last Supper.  I'm kidding?  Nope.  SPAM is mentioned in the Good Book.  Check it out.

As a young lad I was taken hostage by my mother and step-father and held for ransom in Anchorage Alaska.  If you know anything about Alaska or better yet, lived there, you know that food stuffs we take for granted in the lower 48 is in short supply up north.  Back in the day when supply lines were less than sophisticated, this was especially true.  Meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit, and dairy products, if they were available, were and arm and a leg expensive.

Spam, salmon burgers/meatloaf/casserole/etc.,  and powdered milk was what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  While many look at salmon as a delicacy, I see it as being one step above what's served for those in solitary confinement . . . about as bad as a diet of bread and water.  Yuck.

 At the supermarket last week it was a surprise to find that SPAM is no longer just SPAM.  It's SPAM Hawaiian, SPAM Garlic, SPAM BBQ. . . and so on.  Hmm, I thought, after all these years out of Alaska, this new shit might be kind of tasty. 

After checking the labels for fat content (regular and unleaded plus saturated), I settled on SPAM Lite which is lower in fat and sodium than your run of the mill can of this stuff...still bad but not nearly as bad as it could be.

What brought this new appetite for SPAM was the planning for a camping trip we'll be taking this next week.  The thought of an open campfire, eggs in the frying pan with a side of SPAM just sounded hella lot good.  This scenario is so unusual and out of character that the wife says she will be snapping a photo to include a can of SPAM held alongside my face. 

If SPAM was eaten at the Last Supper then I might as well have some on what might be my last roundup.  After all, altitude does kill people younger and older than I.  Dining on SPAM at 7,000 feet might be considered risky business.

I've noticed that SPAM is served all over the place.  Popular in Asia, it's served  in more places than not in Hawaii and for probably for the same reasons it was served big time in Alaska:  Supply and demand. .. and its price. Can't be all bad.

I've packed my can of SPAM along with the other food we're taking along.  Burgers one night, chicken the next, steak, meatloaf, and turkey.  No telling how I'll work that can of SPAM into the menu.  SPAM and eggs is sounding mighty good but then so does a SPAM burger. 

You know the old saying:  WHAM, SPAM, THANK YOU MAM!


La Roo said...

Hmmmmmm SPAM? No thanks for me.
I wonder if you will like it or its just more the memory.

Anonymous said...

I love Spam almost as much as Taylor Ham and I'm from Jersey too. lol


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