Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dirt Clod Fights

As a young lad. who spent half of his growing up time in Fresno California, it was a necessity to walk to and from school.  It was a mile and a half there and the same distance back home which gave me and my friends plenty of opportunity to get into mischief.

Our most favorite pasttime were dirt clod  fights with other kids.  The fights usually began as we walked past freshly plowed fields with clogs ripe for the picking. 

Dirt clod fights were cool until someone tossed a clod containing a large rock (some by accident with many on purpose) rang the recipients bell.  This meant all out war and the clods would fly. 

We gather a bunch of clods and continue to toss them well past the plowed fields.  When the clods ran out we tossed dirt.  Dirt.  Gotta get up close and personal when there's nothing left to throw but dirt at your "enemy". 

Sometimes the other side still had ammo . .. lots of clods left which out gunned thrown dirt. When this happened we lost ground and hightailed it home.

Funny what sticks in your mind after so many years have past since those childhood walks to and from school.  What still rings true is the lesson learned about throwing dirt.  When you throw dirt you lose ground. 

Do I need to draw a picture?  You know what I mean.

Think about it.


La Roo said...

My family lived in Orange Cove on a Ranch and had ties to Dinuba also. Probably around the same time period you talked about. Are you familiar with that area also?
Close...right? My sis and Bother went to a one room school house. I'm sure plenty of dirt clods were thrown where they lived also. :)

Evalinn said...

Now this is a hobby I never picked up. ;-)

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