Monday, July 04, 2011

It's Totaled!

My May 24th blog outlined the purchase of a new 2011 Nissan Versa for our Alaska bound niece.

Last night the niece, driving too fast for conditions on the gravel surface of AlCan Highway, lost control of her car.  It's thought that the car is a total loss.

Twenty years old with not a lot of driving experience (less than 6 months behind the wheel).  The car started to slide on the loose gravel and she over corrected.  One common mistake that's often fatal.

The good news would be that the choice of a Nissan Versa was a good one as it kept our niece from being injured. 

The manager at the Cowtown Nissan dealership is from Alaska.  He remains friends with the general manager of a GM dealership in Fairbanks (where the car was towed).   How many guys in this business would make a call to Alaska to make certain there's someone trustworthy to take care of our niece, whether a rental or a replacement vehicle?

There's one guy in Cowtown who's done just that.

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La Roo said...

I'm so glad she's ok. That really could've been a tragedy. Damn.
Sounds like there are a few good people left in this world, huh?

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