Sunday, July 03, 2011

How Much Is Enough?

It was time to organize the large selection of vinyl LP's that had been sitting in five boxes.  It just didn't seem right to ignore all of my old friends who have been with me through thick and thin, war and peace. 

Last week a large box arrived from Amazon.  Ahhhh, storage shelves for the albums.  Space for 500 LP's.  Filled the shelves with many LP's still needing a home. 

The compact disc collection numbers just under 900.  Five hundred plus LP's.  How much is enough?

I know.  Everyone is doing iTunes and storing music on the hard drive of their computer.  Most of the CD's have been placed on the hard drive.  Next comes the LP collection.

Funny thing.  Gracie and her sister were at the house last week.  I brought out an LP and asked if they knew what that was.  No clue.

I brought out the turntable.  Neither of our young ladies had ever seen such a machine and had no clue of it's function. 

Make your own assumptions or conclusions on this subject.  Simply put, crying shame.  Kids today can text up a storm and can program most any modern electric device.  But can they operate a phonograph or at least appreciate its place in history?

When it comes to raising our children and grandchildren, how much is enough when it comes to exposing them to a depth/breadth of information that is also accompanied with a thorough understanding of history?

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