Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When It Hits The Fan

Here's what not to do.  When it hits the fan and you don't know whether to shit or go blind. . . then what?


weeder said...

I don't know a lot about sailing (more into kayaks and small (30-40 HP) power boats). But damn that looks hair-raising and dangerous. Did the skipper or crew make some stupid mistakes there, or was it just bad luck? Why didn't they just drop the mainsail? Would that have righted the boat? Also, that boom waving around near the end looks dangerous too.

La Roo said...

I thought I wanted to sail.
Not so much now.
And WTF....why is that person in the yellow vest just sitting there like there is nothing going on. That is to weird. Get off your lazy but and help. Obviously this wasn't normal stuff going on. Stupid person!!! Get off you butt and help.
Oh hey look at the pretty dolphins. Damn my hair got a little wet.

Bob said...

Weeder: The skipper here is a fucking idiot. .. a rookie sailor. Anyone knows that if you're racing, and this skipper is, that you don't overload your boat. You don't put any passenger at risk. .. like the old man going over the side of the boat all the while holding a kid who's just about in the drink. Then there's the woman who went overboard. What's wrong with this picture. Weeder, you nailed. DROP THE SAILS! TURN ON THE MOTOR!! The skipper should be made to walk the plank. Glad to see you back with us Weeder. I missed your posts.

Laroo: Don't chicken shit out on me Laroo: You don't know how many people that I take sailing who have had a bad experience on the water. . . and who are afraid when they step on my boat. Half way through the day, regardless of how much or how little wind there is, they always comment, "I could get used to this kind of sailing. I love it!" It's all in the hand of the skipper.

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