Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Rental

Turned the keys to the rental over to the tenants yesterday.  Glad the ordeal of readying it for lease is done and I can get on to the fun parts of my life.  Now if they can only stay in it for at least two years.  You see, it takes one year to recover costs associated with the repairs and upgrades,  The second year is all gravy. 

Before I left the rental I shot this video for future use next time it becomes vacant.  Prospective tenants always want those pictures worth a thousand words and this video does just that.  Note the sounds of the squeaky door midway through.  One thing I forgot to oil. . .damn that squeaky wheel!

Off to have fun.  

1 comment:

La Roo said...

Looks real nice Bob. What lucky tenants!
It kind of reminds me of the video the real estate agent did for my moms house.
The house looks beautiful. Good job.

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