Friday, June 01, 2012

It's the Wild West on our highways and city streets.  And it's not my imagination either.  It's kill or be killed. . . drive like there's no tomorrow.  Hang the rules of the road and common civility, it's every driver for themselves.   Take for example, red light runners.  I'm talking not just going through a yellow soon to turn red light but folks entering the intersection after the light has turned red.  Idiots.

Have you noticed that no one seems to know what a solid white line means.  Do you?

Then there's those who take "cuts" and barely miss hitting the front of my truck in the process.  I want to yell, "Feel better now?  You've shaved all of 2 seconds of your driving time!!"

Those passing over a solid double yellow line should be shot.  Period.  It's bad enough they're liable to kill their passengers but how about the car they hit head on?

The guy who works for our painting contractor has a bumper sticker on his truck that reads:  NEUTER THE STUPID.

I'd vote for that.  That might solve a lot of problems.

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