Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smell My Feet!

This brings thoughts of a variation to, "Treat or treat!  Smell my feet!!  Give me something good to eat!!!  I'm thinking this guy is a plumber.  Ya think?

Someone asked just the other day what I was going to be for Halloween.  Being Bob is like Halloween every day of the year. . . my response to the question. 

Do people in prison dress up for Halloween?   How about soldiers fighting in the Middle East?  Perfect opportunity to dress up like the dudes fighting on the other side and party hardy with 'em.  Who know . . . maybe something like that would lead to ending the war(s).  Think cops dress up?  Okay, they might say, who wants to dress up like the bad guys and carry around an AK47?

I never wear a costume on Halloween.  Maybe a couple of times but mostly never.  It's for kids.  Isn't it?

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