Friday, October 14, 2011

Haulin' Her Out

About this time every year whoever controls lake water levels starts dumping a bunch of it.  This is in anticipation of lots of rain.  A lower lake level translates into the ability to take on lots of run-off.  It also means not a lot of depth for pulling a keel sailboat onto a trailer. 

Check this photo out:  During the summer months the ramp is level to the dock.  It's anything but that today.  And they've just started releasing more water than what's taken in.  Now is the time to haul the boat.

Come Sunday, that's exactly what will happen.

Day before yesterday Wifey and I went sailing.  She loves to get action photos.  I'm scanning the horizon looking for shallow areas to avoid. 

The rest of the time, while motoring to our fav sailing area, I relax.

Ain't life grand?

Oh, the W on the hat?  It stands for WAHOOOO!


walkandroll said...
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La Roo said...

Nice photos. Wifey likes taking pictures of the handsome captain, why wouldn't she?
I think the lake is low because this summer too many kids were jumping in an spashing and all the water whooshed out.
I also then think the "W: is for whooshed!

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