Monday, August 21, 2006

October 2005: We're camped in a city owned park in Ashland, right on Lake Superior. Now this is camping: Satellite TV, big screen TV, microwave oven, heating/air conditioning, all the beer, red meat I can eat, and of course, my little family. Oh, did I mentioned lots of beer to drink?

I'd like to get back on the road again but several things are holding the Watson family up: Candace's next surgery (this coming Friday) and these damned diesel prices ($3.34 a gallon this past Saturday).

We just have to think that this will be the last surgery for Candace for after all, six of them . . . isn't that enough? And diesel prices are not going to come down. So, the next best thing would be to fly off somewhere. Where would that be? I think that we'll be flying off to Hawaii sometime in September or October. These months are definitely off months for the tourist trade and we're bound to find some bargains. It's been a while since we've visited Hawaii and both Candace and I feel that we're due for another visit.

Today is the first day of school for all of the children in Shasta county. If mom were still alive I would have already received a telephone call from her this morning with her singing "School Days". Now that I'm out of the education business, it's nice to relax this morning and think about other things other than running a school district. This retired thing is starting to grow on me. Posted by Picasa


Max said...

That gas was CHEAP.

I was with Una the other night at the gas station, and the price in Seoul to fill up her Hyundai was 113,000 won--that's just shy of $120. Double the price of America.

Bob said...

$90 to fill up the truck last night.

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