Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wifey: Super Shopper Extrordinare


Wifey could spend half her life piddling around shopping. Me? Get in, get it, get out. No screwing around. Our shopping styles are so different that I can't stand to go shopping with Wifey. Drives me nuts.

During our trip north last week our little burg of a town had sidewalk sales, street food, cowboy shootouts, and a live band playing religious music (complete with groupies waving their arms, swaying with the music).

The town closed a couple of streets to make room for all of the activities.

So here's Wifey shopping for books and flashcards for the grandchild. Box after box after box as put forth by a hospice organization raising money. So I walk around. And around. And around while waiting for Wifey to finish shopping.

To kill time I stand in front of the bandstand and join in with the arm wavers. It was cool to get a little of the flavor of the moment. During my arm waving and looking to the sky one woman shouted, "Praise the Lord!" and I followed by shouting, "And pass the ammunition!" That didn't go over in the least bit.

   I like towns with character. Building constucted of stones and brick are my cup of tea. I've always wanted to buy one, rennovate it and create an open loft for living on the second floor.

Take this Elks Lodge just down from where Wifey was shopping. Perfect for what I'd love to create.

With the time Wifey spent shopping I could have rehabed the whole building.


La Roo said...

I would've enjoyed shopping with her.
And maybe you should by one of those kinda places you talked about. That would be cool.

La Roo said...

I miss you. Just sayin.

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